What is BluScience?

BluScience is the fusion of blueberries and science, an extraordinary combination made possible by pterostilbene (pTeroPure), a compound found naturally in blueberries. BluScience has created a line of products that combines the powerful effects of this protective agent with other ingredients that have potent health benefits. BluScience is committed to providing the most beneficial and highest quality formulations specifically designed to support optimal health.

What is pterostilbene?

Pterostilbene, like resveratrol, is a natural compound found in small berries that acts as part of the plant’s defense system. Structural differences make pterostilbene more oil-soluble and more bioavailable than resveratrol which contributes to a significantly longer half-life in the body. This gives pterostilbene a much higher potential for cellular uptake and greater metabolic stability, meaning it can get to where it needs to go in your body in order to do what you are taking it for. Pterostilbene has both anti-oxidant activity and the ability to positively affect the body’s cellular machinery.

How long has the company been in business?

ChromaDex (the creators of BluScience) has been in business since 1999 and is an innovative natural products company that provides proprietary science-based solutions to the dietary supplement, food & beverage, animal health, skincare and pharmaceutical markets.

What is pTeroPure®?

ChromaDex created pTeroPure as a quality proprietary ingredient to provide high purity pterostilbene to the dietary supplement, food, beverage, skincare, animal health, and pharmaceutical industries. pTeroPure is a nature-identical 99% pure all-trans pterostilbene pTeroPure is also self-affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS), demonstrating the safety of the ingredient, with a maximum daily allowable dose of 1890 mg; the average recommended daily amount of pTeroPure ranges between 50 mg and 150 mg.

Are all the products natural?

Each BluScience product contains pTeroPure, which is a nature-identical 99% pure all-trans pterostilbene, natural blueberry extract and a variety of other compounds that support specific optimal health benefits.

What does synthetically manufactured mean?

In chemistry, chemical synthesis is purposeful execution of chemical reactions to get a product, or several products. This happens by physical and chemical manipulations usually involving one or more reactions. A common example is fermentation. Also, most vitamins and amino acids contained in a multivitamin are created using a synthetic process.

What does ChromaDex® synthetic nature identical pterostilbene mean?

Like many other ingredients used for dietary supplements, nature sometimes does not provide us with the cost effective solutions we need to supply our customers with products. For example, Vitamin C is commonly found in fruits such as oranges, however almost all dietary supplements sold containing Vitamin C actually have synthetic nature identical Vitamin C, as it is significantly more cost effective for the consumer.

Is each product gluten free or dairy free?

All of the products are gluten free. Blū2Go does contain dairy products.

The capsule is mainly made up of hypromellose, a vegetarian alternative to glycerin. The capsules also contain by weight:

0.95% candurin silver: provides the pearlescent look to the capsule. It is comprised of a natural silicate combined with titanium dioxide and is an approved food additive. 0.57% FD&C Blue #1: certified as a safe food additive in the US and EU among other countries. Most Americans consume ~16mg of FD&C blue #1 on a daily basis 0.24% FD&C Red #40 certified as a safe food additive in the US and EU.

Why is the capsule blue?

We chose the blue capsules to provide our customers with a more complete blueberry experience when consuming BluScience products. Also the dark color helps protect ingredients from breakdown by light, ie polyphenols.

Is it safe to open the capsule and put the powder in my food or beverage?

Adding the contents of the capsule to a food or beverage may result in a quicker breakdown of the active ingredients in the body. The capsule is designed the keep the contents from breaking down too early in the digestive system, allowing them to stay intact until they can be absorbed into the blood stream later on. Since the ingredients are powders, opening the capsule also increases the risk of inhalation or eye injuries.
Is it safe to take the products with medications I may be taking?

As with all dietary supplements, please consult your physicians before taking.

Are there any side effects?

Currently there are no known side effects. Consult your physician prior to using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications or have a medical condition.

Can I give the products to my children?

At this time, the BluScience line of products is intended for adults only. Please consult with your physician if you intend to give BluScience products to your children.

HeartBlu – what are the ingredients and health benefits?

Everyone has heard people complaining about needing cholesterol support. There are two sources that contribute to your cholesterol levels; your food (ingested cholesterol) and your body (native cholesterol). In some cases changing your diet may not be enough. HeartBlu contains phytosterols that may help regulate the absorption of ingested cholesterol by your digestive system and pterostilbene, which may lessen the body’s ability to make native cholesterol. Together, the ingredients of HeartBlu support the maintenance and daily upkeep of a healthy heart.